Most Preferred Duplicate Photo Cleaner For Android Phones- Falcon Mobi Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner - Falcon Mobi Cleaner

Duplicate Photos Cleaner offers the most straightforward approach to sweep and expel comparative and duplicate photos from the framework. This, thus, helps in acquiring a flawless and clean photograph library. It helps in recapturing the space hindered by duplicate and indistinguishable pictures.

It auto-marks duplicates or enables clients to check them physically. It additionally underpins outer capacity gadgets to seek duplicates and free up space. It shows brings about a gathering insightful way.
Each gathering has one unmarked photograph. The unmarked photograph is considered as the best one to keep in the gadget on the premise of bitrate, measurement, determination, and the date on which photograph was caught. Also, above all, spares the significant time of clients.

Who doesn’t like capturing moments with a high-end smartphone camera? Your phone memory/RAM is normally flooded with photos, videos, music files and all sort of important documents and files. Often it happens that these important files and photos tend to get duplicated at various locations. This unconsciously eats up a valuable chunk of your memory space.

Duplicate photos is a problem because not only they clutter your RAM, but also eats up precious memory space, especially if the duplicates are large video and audio files. Deleting these files manually may look like an option, but following it seems like a never-ending task.

Thankfully there are many applications available to accomplish the task and retrieve valuable disk storage space. Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the best available Duplicate Photo Cleaner app that can do the job for you and boost your phone performance.
It intelligently scans, identifies and removes duplicate photos cluttering your Android device. It automatically sweeps away duplicate and similar looking photos so that you do not have to filter through hundreds of photos manually.

Getting annoyed by lack of device storage space and slow running app? Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a perfect Duplicate Photo Finder app which will help you reclaim space on your phone and improve its performance.

Features of Duplicate Photo Cleaner & Phone Booster

The Falcon Mobi Cleaner photo cleaner app automatically repairs duplicate photo issues and comes with below-mentioned features:

It offers the easiest way scan and deletes duplicate and similar photos from your system and helps in obtaining a neat a clean photo-library.
The Photo cleaner app automatically finds blur, poor quality, and hazy shots, and removes them as unwanted files.
It’s a one-tap automated option which sweeps away duplicate photos and recovers storage.
Customization option will allow you include, exclude folders of your choice form being scanned for duplicate photos.
Categorization of media files such as audio, video files and photos is also available. Scan as per your choice for boosting phones performance.
The Photo Finder app uses an intelligent and fast algorithm to find out duplicate photos. It also displays information of the photos in a simpler format.
Customization can also be done on the basis of similarity and duplicity of photos. The higher the matching level, the lesser will be the sorted files. It also supports the identification of original and modified images so that it can save the best copy.
Duplicate and potentially similar photos form a crucial part of junk accumulated on your Android device and are the major reason of space issues, getting slow with regular time lags, battery draining, and screen freezing issues. Duplicate Photo Cleaner –Falcon Mobi Cleaner is an ideal app for all your snaps and space issues.


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