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Everyday life is getting busier and so is increasing the market for digital advancements. The need for Android apps is drastically growing with the increased craze for iPhones, Android devices, Macbooks etc. Using high-end applications is a trend nowadays and Android market is flooded with all such apps.

Purchased a new phone? The first order of business is installing apps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and whatnot. Besides these basic apps, there is a number of phone booster apps which are necessary to be installed. These specified apps fill the fundamental feature gaps in your Android phone and are normally used for boosting phones performance, increase battery life, free up RAM etc. In general, they make phoning experience enjoyable and smooth.

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Regular junk cleaning is necessary for the wellbeing of your Android device, doing it manually can be considered as an option but is time-consuming and does not offer accurate results as well. Android cleaner and junk cleaner apps provide an instant and effective solution to all your Android problems.
From the plethora of apps available on the Google store, we have picked the best app in this category which helps in improving your Androids performance, Falcon Mobi Cleaner in an all in one app and is loaded with numerous features. The most prominent ones are Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, App Manager, Social cleaning and duplicate photos. Cpu Cooler, Notification Cleaner, and Game Booster have added features of Falcon Mobi Cleaner.

•       Junk Cleaner: It is a best junk cleaner and optimization tool designed to boost phones performance and takes care of issues related to insufficient memory and regular slow down.
It effectively scans and deletes junk including System cache, duplicate photos, APK files, large and residual files from your Android device. Junk deletion will keep mobile memory clean and keep it away from feeling sluggish.
Falcon Mobi Cleaner is an unquestionably good Junk Cleaner tool. It functions seamlessly as a one-tap phone booster app that tunes your device to improve its speed, browsing experience and frees up chunks of valuable space.

•       Battery Saver: Fed up with battery drainage issues? Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one tap optimizer tool that automatically repairs battery draining issues and intelligently manages all the major battery consumption areas like Bluetooth, WIFI, vibration etc
Chatting, playing games, downloading songs are some unavoidable tasks which eats up a major portion of phones battery, being backed by a perfect Battery Saver app is the need of the moment. As per perfect Battery Optimizer Module Falcon Mobi Cleaner will hibernates all unwanted running apps to save power and make your phone battery last longer. Single glance battery status feature is also available on Falcon Mobi Cleaner app.

•       Phone Booster: Optimize your Android's performance by installing the best Phone Booster app, Falcon Mobi Cleaner. Screen freezing and time lag issues are effectively managed by Mobi Cleaner as it kills all the unwanted application running in the background of your Android device. You can delete junk data, recover RAM, increase processing speed and control system temperature with just a single touch.
It’s a one-tap performance booster app which will save power and make your phone battery last longer.

•       Social Cleaning: The social cleaner app reclaims precious memory space by deleting all the unwanted media files saved through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc… Deleting these cache files will enhance phones performance and increase battery life.

•       Duplicate Photo: This feature removes the need of swiping through thousands of photos cluttering your smartphone. Duplicate photo cleaner module scans your Android device and deletes all duplicate and similar looking photos to recover chunks of valuable space.
It comes with a customization option that allows you to include/ exclude folder of your choice from being scanned and can also be done basis the level of similarity and duplicity of photos. It’s a perfect app for all your snap and space issues which will organize your photo gallery in one go.

•       App Manager: Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a perfect routing help guide that manages APK Files and apps installed on your Android device. It allows you to uninstall all unwanted apps and deletes residual files left behind. With minimalistic efforts, you can recover valuable memory space and enhance the overall performance of your Android device.
Mobi Cleaner has been hailed as the best APK file remover and App manager utility app. It intelligently allows you to analyze through the detailed information of various apps before uninstalling them to reclaim lost storage space

•       Cpu Cooler: Too many apps running in the background results in serious issues of overheating and battery drainage. Mobi Cleaner analysis and helps you customize and adjust all high battery consuming apps like WIFI, Bluetooth, and Brightness for enhanced battery life.
It acts as a perfect temperature monitoring and controlling app to reduce CPU usage and control overheating of your Android device. It also comes with a Smart Lock feature which displays real-time battery status on your Android's screen.

•       Game Booster: Mobi Cleaner efficiently frees up chunks of Memory space by sweeping away all unwanted apps running in the background. It’s a perfect app for game lovers as it boosts the gaming app by cleaning cache and improving the gaming speed.
As a perfect Game booster tool it increases gaming speed by 50-60% and prioritizes your gaming application as compared to other active apps.

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Falcon Mobi Cleaner is undoubtedly the most efficient and power packed app which improves the overall performance of your phone by deleting the junk stored on your device, leaving you with a lot of free space.  It’s an all in one app for boosting performance, battery optimization and accelerating processing speed. Optimization of your device with increased performance looks easy with Falcon Mobi Cleaner.


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